Hey Look, That Kid From Your Class Liked A “Humans of New York” Photo On Facebook From March Of 2013!

By: Malcolm Kelner

Hey look, quick, at the top right corner of your Facebook page! That kid you vaguely know from your History of Jazz class “liked” a post of “Humans of New York” from March of 2013! Go ahead, mouse over that box on the quickly scrolling mini newsfeed while you still have the chance! Hey, how about that! The post is about an old man saying something cute and quirky! Got to love the hijinks of the elderly, right? They really are a treasure! Now go back to thinking about the kid who liked the post! It’s pretty commendable of him to appreciate the little moments in life like the ones displayed in “Humans of New York” instead of taking them for granted! He must be a pretty good guy! Hey, look again! Now you see the same kid “liked Kim Kardashian’s photo.”

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