Sophomore VMA Major Has Existential Crisis After Realizing She Likes “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”

By Jeremy Vandroff

Alexa Kittles, a sophomore VMA major and self described “film buff,” recently underwent an existential crisis after realizing that she loves the film “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”

“I just sort of stumbled on it last night after watching TBS for a few hours,” Kittles reported. “I kept planning on changing the channel at the commercial break, but I was transfixed. It’s hilarious.”

Kittles, 19, found the film aimed at children uproariously funny. As the film progressed, she became further drawn in by the complexity of Jim Carrey’s performance as a New York businessman who inherits six penguins. The Seattle, Washington native, who made a name for herself last year in Emerson film circles by mercilessly slashing holes in the plot of “The Master” and critiquing the inconsistent tone of “Reservoir Dogs,” is reeling from the realization that she is absolutely over the moon for this PG family feature.

Trying to make sense of her emotions, Kittles reportedly told several friends about the discovery over a cup of coffee. After they laughed, she realized her mistake and quickly played it off as a joke.

“I’ve got a reputation around here,” Kittles explained after apologizing for being late to the interview because she was catching up on the film’s DVD extras. “It’s pretty clear no other film major around here respects the movie, and I’m pretty shaken up about it… I mean, it’s not Fellini, but come on, people! This movie is great!”

At press time, Kittles was in her suite, watching the first “Night at the Museum” film.

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