“Will and Grace” Set Fails to Make it Big in Hollywood, Forced to Move Back in with Iwasaki Library


By Jeremy Vandroff

After a bittersweet farewell last spring, a failed attempt at Hollywood has forced Emerson’s storied “Will and Grace” set to move back in with the Iwasaki Library.

“LA is a tough town,” said the haggard looking set. “One day you’re on top, lapping it up. Next thing you know people are calling you things like ‘washed up’ and ‘one dimensional.’ But that’s bullshit, everyone knows I’m three dimensional. I’m a damn television set!”

Sources say the set, which left Boston last spring as thousands of well wishers looked on, was unable to impress talent scouts in Southern California. After a few roles as an unpaid extra on “New Girl,” the calls stopped coming.

“I definitely learned a lot out here, so I wouldn’t call it a failure,” said the set, which was found panhandling on Venice pier by a few Emerson LA students, who immediately called the Iwasaki Library.

“We just want the best for the “Will and Grace” set, said Senior Michelle Robinson, who found the set wearing a beanie and flannel, begging for quarters.

The Iwasaki Library appears ready to welcome the set back with open arms.

“Everyone fails a few times when they try to spread their wings and fly,” quipped the Library. “I’m happy to take the set in for a while, until it gets back on it’s feet.”

At press time, the Library was kicking out the 3 Ikea chairs which had filled the empty space, telling them, “It’s just not working out.”

2 thoughts on ““Will and Grace” Set Fails to Make it Big in Hollywood, Forced to Move Back in with Iwasaki Library

  1. Hello. I want to visit the Will & Grace set and I can’t grasp from this article where the set is now located as the satire confuses me. Is it now back in Boston? Or was this solely a comedic piece? Sorry that I have come to you for information — I just have no idea where else to go. Thank you.


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