Journalism Professor Asks Class If Anyone Knows How To Turn Projector On

By: Malcolm Kelner

According to multiple recent reports, an Emerson journalism professor has just asked his class if anyone knows how to turn the projector on.

James Schmidt, an adjunct professor teaching the class Advanced Audio-Video Journalism, was attempting to lower the white projector screen and turn on the overhead projector in order to show a video demonstration to his students, but was struggling mightily with the wall console that controlled both devices.

“Jeez louise, I can never get this to work. Does anyone in here know how to turn this thing on?” Schmidt asked hopelessly, after a good several minutes of experimenting with different buttons.

Sources then report a student came over and accomplished the task in about seven seconds.

“Oh, that’s how you do it,” Schmidt said, thanking the student. “Now we know going forward.”

At press time, the professor was asking the students if anyone knew how to open up Power Point.

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