Marketing Student Excited For Tonight’s Four-Hour Advertising Marathon

By: Malcolm Kelner

Emerson marketing major Ben Woodfield is extremely excited for tonight’s four-hour televised advertising marathon beginning at 6:30 Eastern on NBC.

“It’s just so cool that you’ve got this one day a year where everyone stops what they’re doing to settle down on the couch with family and friends to watch ads for four hours straight,” Woodfield stated with a smile.

The ad marathon, which this year is being held in a massive 78,000-seat convention center in Glendale, Arizona, is apparently so popular and mainstream that Woodfield and many other marketing students at Emerson have been assigned to select and analyze the best and worst ads of the event.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be a good year for the ads,” Woodfield continued, noting what he considered to be down years the last two years. “Last year was kind of a mental blowout… you had some spectacular ads at the beginning and then a huge drop-off which made the majority of the marathon really boring.”

“And then the year before that, you had that weird blackout in the convention center in New Orleans where no one could see any of the ads for like a half hour… In all my years as an ad fan I’ve never seen anything like that.”

For this year’s ad marathon, Woodfield said he has plans to go to his friend’s place in Allston to catch the ads. And while he gets excited every year for the marathon, he said he’s noticed there seems to be increased level of excitement of the other people attending his ad party as well as the other ad parties around the whole Boston area.

“I can’t really figure out why everyone around here seems to be freaking out about this ad marathon in particular, but I’m pretty sure it’s because there’s a lot of Boston-based companies and ad firms who are running spots tonight,” Woodfield said.

At press time, Woodfield was that annoying prick at your Super Bowl party yelling, “Shut up you guys, the commercials are coming on.”

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