Student Back From Castle Really Into Scarves Now

By: Malcolm Kelner

A student freshly back in Boston after spending first semester at Emerson’s Kasteel Well study abroad program in the Netherlands is really into scarves now.

According to multiple sources, sophomore VMA major Peter Bennett has not yet once been seen without a scarf draped around his neck since the beginning of second semester.

And it’s not just one scarf Bennett wears. Sources add he appears to have a differently colored and patterned scarf for nearly each day of the week.

“It’s really weird,” Bennett’s roommate Seth Greenstein told Lion’s Tooth reporters. “He used to just wear his heavy winter coat and stocking cap when it got cold outside but now he wears this really slim-fitting jacket, earmuffs, and of course a scarf.”

“Actually come to think of it, I haven’t even seen him in our room without a scarf since after break yet. He definitely sleeps in it too.”

At press time, Bennett was talking about how much better Europe is than America.

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