This WLP Major Missed Three Walker Elevators In A Row. What He Does Next Is Totally Incredible


By Jeremy Vandroff

In a perfect world, every student deserves easy access to education. But for some, it’s just not possible.

For Chris Stedman, an 18 year old WLP major from Danbury, Connecticut, it started out like any other day. Some breakfast at the Dining Hall while browsing Instagram, then a quick stroll to Walker building, where he was running late for a Research Writing class. This is where Stedman’s day took a turn for the worst.

After hitting a wall of students as entered the lobby, Stedman’s body was rocked around as students flooded toward and from the elevator bay en masse.

Doors opened up, then closed again and Stedman was forced to watch as he missed three consecutive elevators.

That’s when Stedman did something completely unexpected and totally amazing.

Feeling himself swell with courage, Stedman approached the tap in desk of the lobby. He tapped his ID card, and placed his right foot on the first ledge of the staircase.

First one step, then two, and all of the sudden, it was really happening. Chris Stedman was taking the stairs.

“When I saw him up there rounding the corner, I was blown away”, said Hannah Dwyer, 21. “Chris is a brave freshman.”

After reaching the 4th floor, Stedman promptly told everyone in the class the reason he was out of breath is because he just took the stairs. Then he made a quick Tweet about it.

Then he screenshotted that Tweet, and Instagrammed it.

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