Intro Film Production Courses To Utilize “Fruit By The Foot” In Place Of Traditional Celluloid Film


After a several month long deliberation over certain technical and financial limitations involved with the Bolex film camera, Emerson’s VMA department has officially endorsed the use of the Fruit By The Foot food snack as the new standard for capturing footage on the camera.

“We’re all excited,” said Associate Professor Ned Railando, enthusiastically endorsing the switchover. “How can film be dead when it’s this delicious?”

With this change, young filmmakers are already thinking about the benefits it will hold for them. A great deal of the VMA students have come out publicly in support of the transition. When asked how he would adapt to this new film medium, sophomore Henry Rothstein was quoted as saying that he’s “excited to spend money on food instead of hemorrhaging cash for a soon to be obsolete material.”

The department’s budget will also be greatly affected. The bulk pack of the childhood snack is currently going for about $22 on Amazon, setting it well within the range of most financially conservative students, as opposed to the previous $400+ for a bulk package of 16mm film reels.

“Fortunately we’ll finally have some spare money for the Poli-Comm department’s needs,” said Emerson’s financial services office.

At press time, the Marketing Department was attempting to use gummy bears to represent Q Scores.

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