Record-Breaking 3 Students Turn Up At “Meet the Manager Of Sodexo” Open House


In what can only be described as an astonishing turnout, a whopping 3 students attended the Sodexo Open House on Thursday, featuring a talkback with manager Craig Carbone. Many teachers and students say that the success of the event is owed to stellar marketing, delicious room-temperature beverages, and an enlightening “one-on-one with (sort of) the face of Sodexo.”

“I am incredibly honored,” said Carbone, filled with tears. “This is exciting for me, and everyone here in food services.”

Sodexo has had its share of ups and downs with the students and faculty at Emerson College, but many consider this to be the pinnacle of their success. Each of the students brought to the event a load of questions; many were about nutrition and health at Emerson College during this trying winter.

“I asked Carbone all about the difference between vegan and vegetarian,” said junior Lola Estek. “It was educational, fun, and the crowd was electric.”

Along with events like “Eat a Pound of Spaghetti Night” and “Bring Your Dog to the DH Day” Sodexo has tried time and time again to appeal to students’ sense of fun, but never been this successful.

“It must partially be because of the Hawaiian shirt,” Carbone concluded.

At press time, the line at Einstein’s was spilling over into Dunkin’ Donuts.

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