Wunderkind Freshman Film Major Constructs Groundbreaking Foundations Project


Freshman film major Devin Davis received a standing ovation from his Foundations in Video Production classmates when he premiered his latest and most ambitious project entitled “Man_in_Park.mov” earlier this week. The 2 and a half minute short film is being described by some as a “tour de force from an emerging cinematic auteur.” “You give that kid a third-rate digital camera and a tripod and he’ll make magic,” said Davidson’s Foundations professor Matthew Harnell. “I haven’t cried that hard since the end of Saving Private Ryan.” The short piece is a revelatory examination into the soul of a man walking around the Boston Common. The actor portraying the man, marketing major James Folger, was interviewed about his raw performance in the film after the premiere. “Yeah I’m just marketing major and I haven’t acted before but Devin seemed pretty desperate,” said Folger of his work on the film. “I mostly just kind of stood around and took a puff of my cigarette every now and then while he filmed, but I’m being told it is EVVY caliber.” Lion’s Tooth was able to catch up with Davidson during his hectic week of press appearances for the film. Dripping with humility, Davidson appeared truly awestruck by the film’s praise. “The thing about it is that I really did not try at all. And what I mean by that is that it all came naturally to me,” said Davidson of his directorial style. “Some of those shots that you see with the squirrels running up trees and the sunlight shining through branches…I guess I was just lucky to capture those moments.” At press time, Davidson was dropping out of Emerson to sign a newly inked 5-film deal with Sony Pictures Classics.

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