BREAKING: Emerson Film Student Disagrees With Best Picture Award Winner


By: Malcolm Kelner

BREAKING NEWS: An Emerson film student disagrees with Birdman winning the award for Best Picture at tonight’s Academy Awards.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” sophomore Zach Bigsby posted via Facebook and Twitter. “Not a chance in hell Birdman deserved best picture. Most overated (sic) shit I’ve ever seen. Boyhood got snubbed, that took 12 years to make!”

“But should I really be surprised?” Bigsby added in another tweet. “Far from the first time they screwed it up.”

Bigsby was reportedly watching the Oscars from his floor common room viewing party in the Little Building dormitory, and upon the announcement, stormed out of the room in a huff. When Lion’s Tooth reporters attempted to reach him for further comment, his roommate declined on his behalf, saying Bigsby was boycotting all media for the time being.

Bradley David Amerman
The film student was shocked his expertise wasn’t taken into account by the Academy.

But this story is far from over. According to several inside sources, Hollywood is already starting to feel the ripple effect from Bigsby’s outrage.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is currently involved in deep internal discussions over rescinding the award and giving it to Boyhood instead, and has also reportedly attempted–and also failed–to contact Bigsby to make amends.

“We deeply regret our actions of rewarding tonight’s Best Picture award to Birdman,” said president Cheryl Boone Isaacs in a written statement. “The majority of our voters felt the film was deserving, but clearly, based on Mr. Bigsby’s reaction, we were dead wrong, and will be working closely alongside him to make it right.”

At press time, Bigsby was watching Pulp Fiction in his room to console himself, and could be heard from outside saying, “Such a great shot there. Classic Tarantino.”

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