Costume Design Major Overjoyed National Debate About A Costume Going On


By Charlie Greenwald

Emerson sophomore and costume design major Chelsea Lesch is reportedly elated that there is a huge controversy swirling on social media about the colors of a simple dress.

“This is the best day of my life,” Lesch said, holding back tears.

Since its posting on Tumblr yesterday, the colors of the dress have sparked a broad Internet argument. Some argue that it is colored gold and white, while others assert that it’s patterned blue and black.

“I looked at the picture – I see white and gold – but I don’t even care what’s correct at this point,” said Lesch, hardly able to contain her excitement. “Just the fact that so many people are discussing fashion on Facebook and Twitter is a revelation.”

Apparently, due to personalized differentiations within the retinas, the dress appears different colors to different people. Many Internet commenters are discussing the lighting balance and the different viewing angles at which the photograph can be altered, but Lesch is just thrilled to see so many people looking at a dress and generating debate over it.

“Honestly, as a costume design major, this sort of stuff really thrills me,” Lesch said as a huge grin lit up her face.

At press time, the other 8 costume design majors at Emerson were offline and missing all the action, as they were backstage being under-appreciated at a rehearsal for an Emerson musical.

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