This Journalism Student Just Got Critiqued By His Professor. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.


By: Malcolm Kelner

Earlier today, sophomore journalism students were presenting their video packages in a Beat Reporting class, and up came Johnny Ellison’s turn to present.

After showing his 1 minute 45 second piece on a community center in his “beat” of Roxbury to the rest of the class, Ellison’s professor proceeded to give him some critical feedback.

What happens next will you shock you. I have no words.

He took the criticism. 

That’s right. Ellison actually listened to the feedback from the professional journalist with over 30 years of field experience at big-market news stations, wrote the suggestions down in his notebook, and didn’t give any sort of retaliation or defense for his errors.

No “Yeah, but’s…,” no “Well I was just trying to’s…,” no “I thought it made sense to do that’s.”

“It was surreal,” said classmate Katie Wolfe. “He just sat there and took it.”

“First the professor called him out for only getting soundbites from one person… totally unfair. Then later he told Johnny it was too long because the assignment instructions said 1 minute 30 seconds tops, and it wouldn’t have aired had this been an actual news broadcast… talk about a personal attack!”

“I was looking at him the whole time, like, say something, Johnny! Fight back!” added classmate Jared Hanley. “But he just kept nodding. It was heartbreaking.”

Sources added that not only did Ellison not get defensive or take the completely valid and deserved constructive critiques personally; he thanked his professor after he was done, like a mature adult.

And to top it off, he apparently didn’t even plan on complaining later to the professor or Journalism Department Chair over the (generous) ‘B’ grade he received for the project!

At press time, Ellison got the attention of the kid sitting next to him and whispered, “Yo this guy is full of shit.”

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