15 Pictures That Prove Lee Pelton Is The Best College President Ever

By: Malcolm Kelner

Is YOUR college president this cool? No. These 15 pictures PROVE why ours is the best. 

1) Studious, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.


2) Ice Bucket Challenge… more like I challenge you to mess with these guns. Does YOUR president even lift?


3) Just chillin’ with another President… OF THE UNITED STATES. nbd.

Barry, Clare, Eli and _opt

4) He even turned himself into a hipster for a little while to blend in at Emerson.


5) Your professor may not, but he knows how to turn the projector on.


6) Views from the 6.


7) He’s never afraid to drop some knowledge when need be.


8) You can call him M. Lee. The M stands for Magnificent.

Lee Pelton

9) Pre-tty, pre-tty, preeeettttty good.


10) He refuses to be in any pictures that aren’t perfectly focused.


11) I don’t know how to say this… but he’s kind of a big deal.


12) This isn’t a 70’s jazz fusion album cover. This is our president. Sorry we’re not sorry.


13) He likes sports and he doesn’t care who knows.


14) A little-known fact is he actually single-handedly built the Emerson LA Center.


15) He is our president and he is the best president!


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