Communications Genius Points Out That “Social Media is Huge”


By Jeremy Vandroff

In a day that will surely go down in history as a seminal turning point of Communication Theory, sophomore Cody Hinkle rocketed his way into brilliance with a dazzling breakthrough.

Sitting in “Evolution of Expression,” Hinkle sat back with his arms crossed, amusedly watching his classmates fumble through Friere’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.” After freshman Steve Andrews hilariously attempted to connect the Brazilian philosopher’s comparison of colonizer and colonized to Franz Fanon’s “Black Skin, White Masks,” Hinkle chuckled, and decided to shed some light on the topic.

Slowly raising his hand, and waiting until he had total command of the room, Hinkle spoke:

“I mean, Social Media is huge,” Hinkle explained, looking around to vigorous nods from classmates. “We all have a Facebook. Think about that.”

The virtuoso continued, bestowing gems of knowledge onto his professor and classmates:

“It’s like, have you ever met someone who DOESN’T have an Instagram? We’re all so connected these days. It’s amazing.”

After a beat, a small amount of Hinkle’s wisdom finally penetrated the thick skulls of his contemporaries. Professor John Robertson promptly dismissed the class, explaining there was no need to continue with the day’s lesson.

It is unclear what’s next for Hinkle and his incredible intellect, but what’s for certain is he has firmly cemented himself in the pantheon of great thinkers, alongside Camus, McLuhan, and Sartre.

At press time, Hinkle sending a tweet which read: “Isn’t it crazy that the news only reports bad things?”


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