Journalism Student Covering St. Patrick’s Day Nervously Returning Beer-Soaked Camera To EDC

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.07.54 PM

By Charlie Greenwald

Emerson Journalism student Sebastian McIntyre was reportedly spotted returning his videocamera to the EDC covered in Sam Adams lager, according to multiple sources. McIntyre was down in South Boston covering the parade for his Digital Journalist class.

“I was filming this family discuss how the holiday represents their rich cultural heritage and history in the neighborhood and some jerk bumped into me and spilled all his beer on me,” McIntyre sighed. “The camera is soaked.”

Many Emerson students were down at the festival, cheering, drinking and rabble-rousing. McIntyre said he was one of 5 journalism students forced to cover the parade.

“We’re not happy with McIntyre,” said EDC employee Joe Jefferson. “He owes us $300.”

At press time, McIntyre was putting together his package through tears.

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