This Film Student Just Saw A Movie With A Friend. What Happens Next Will Shock You.


By: Malcolm Kelner

This afternoon, Emerson sophomore friends Sammy Decker (pictured) and Will Tierney decided to take advantage of their free schedules and head over to the Loews Boston Common Theater to take in a matinee showing of “The Gunman.”

Decker is a film major. Tierney is a marketing major.

What happens next will shock you. Ready?

Decker went through the entire movie without making a single comment about any of the camera shots.

We’re not kidding.

Undercover Lion’s Tooth reporters were there, strategically sitting in the row behind the two students, and can confirm that other than natural reactions of brief laughter and surprise, Decker did not once nudge his friend, completely interrupt his viewing experience, and rant about a great arc shot, risky jump cut, or unconventional use of deep focus.

Nothing. He just sat there, like a normal person, watched the movie, and kept his fucking mouth shut.


At press time, during the students’ walk back to campus, Decker proclaimed, “I wouldn’t say I was thoroughly disappointed, but that really didn’t do much to advance [director Pierre] Morel’s career.”

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