Lion’s Tooth Exclusive: Berkeley Beacon Member Posts Tooth’s Story About Beacon In ‘Secret’ Beacon Facebook Group


By: Tennessee LaQuell

A sprawling, undercover Lion’s Tooth investigation has confirmed the Berkeley Beacon’s acknowledgement of a previous Lion’s Tooth article based on the school’s independent newspaper.

At 6:41 p.m. on Monday night, an assistant editor for the paper posted a link to the previously mentioned article in a “secret” Beacon Facebook group.

The editor did not post a coinciding comment with the link.

There was, however, a follow-up comment by a managing editor likening the fake name used by Lion’s Tooth to a name of a news editor on the Beacon staff.

The posted link accrued two likes, while the comment seemed to have struck a comical chord within the group, amassing a respectable five likes, roughly one-sixth of the entire group’s members.

At press time, the Beacon staff was panicking, wondering how we were able to gain access to their Facebook group.

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