Fitness Center Introduces New Film Equipment For VMA Students To Practice Lifting


By Charlie Greenwald

In a truly innovative move, the Emerson College Fitness Center introduced 21 new weights to the weight room, all of which are different forms of film equipment.

“We think it will be a great way for film students to practice lifting the heavy shit they deal with while they’re on film sets,” said gym spokeswoman Carolyn Conway. “We’ve got cameras, lights, even the occasional boom mic.”

Conway also said that that the gym demographics have been starting to change. As of last Friday, there were over a dozen new film students who were frequenting the weight room to get their lift on and work in.

“We’re seeing VMA students engage in physical fitness in ways they never have before,” said Conway. “Now if we could only get those WLP students…”

At press time, the fitness center was planning a Shoulder Rig Yoga class for anyone who was interested.

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