With Summer On Its Way, “Free & For Sale” Becomes Optimal Shopping Experience

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.03.39 PM

By: Becca Mayo

While there are a few students who have been able to make a buck or two off of brand-name clothing on the popular Emerson Facebook group, “Free & For Sale,” a majority of students are feeling pretty dejected.

“I just can’t believe no one wants to buy the Victoria’s Secret underwear I posted!” complained freshman Kayla Fisher. “They’d only been worn once, but I did wash them!”

Some other pieces that weren’t feeling the love included a pair of leggings with a small but obvious hole in the crotch, two-year-old Asics tennis shoes that had braced a couple of marathons, and a plaid blazer with shoulder pads circa 1986.

“The style of an Emerson student is so distinct and creative that I really thought my vintage hand-embroidered poncho from the Civil War era would get a lot of offers,” said junior Kimberly Smith.

After a full 48 hours of no requests to try the unique piece on, Smith decided to post the poncho for a second time because it wasn’t peak Facebook hours when she had originally uploaded it. She also added “OBO” after the asking price this time, but, still, the only engagement the post got were sarcastic likes from a few of her friends.

Clearly, students know that instead of donating clothing and items to a local charity for people in need, it’s imperative that they sell their unopened boxes of k-cups and granola bars at 50 cents a pop. Every cent counts when you’re trying to pay for boxes at the UPS store.

If you or anyone you know is able to spare a dollar or two on a package of ramen, half-priced Ben & Jerry’s pint bought in bulk from the Max, or any horrible-looking and unwanted clothing item in order to support these students and their dire shipping endeavors, head over to Free & For Sale today!

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