Administration Designs New Course To Fulfill 5 Gen-Ed Requirements

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.00.19 PM

Beginning sometime in Spring 2016, several faculty members and administrators have been developing a curriculum for the brand new course History of Women’s Science and Literature in Russia, a six hour class which explores the topics of cyber-terrorism, discrimination towards Chinese Environmentalists, and 19th century American Barbershop Culture along with a plethora of other important themes. The course is expected to meet on Friday mornings at eight am, twice a month.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” says VMA professor Sarah Garland. “This is a big day for kids who want to bang out all the classes they don’t care about in one fell swoop.”

In the past, students from all grades have complained about the number of general education classes required to graduate – while others have been vocal over the problems with registration regarding students who have incoming AP exam credits. This course should alleviate some of those concerns, while simultaneously providing students with more free time.

“This class should be able to give me more weekdays to work on my erotic poetry and spec scripts,” remarked WLP major Suzanne Michaels ’18.

To keep up with the course’s rigorous materials, three adjunct professors will be assigned to lead the class –  lecturing all at once of course. The office of the Registrar is hoping to expose students to a cacophony of knowledge.

“I think it even covers the Aesthetic requirement…don’t ask me how though,” stated Academic Registrar assistant Gordon E. Russell.

At press time, several Department heads were seen discussing whether or not to merge the Political Communications major, the Communication Studies major and the Communications Disorders major into one, entitled, “Political Communication Disorders.”

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