Students Amazed At Their Ability To Earn 4.0 GPA At Arts School


By: Becca Mayo

Final grades have officially been posted, and Emerson freshmen and seniors alike have taken to Facebook to boast their scholastic achievements, since getting straight A’s as a musical theatre major is quite an arduous endeavor.

Freshman Visual Media Arts major Eric McMurray boasted his A- in both Foundations of Film and History of Media Arts 2 on Facebook along with the comment, “Pfff, and people told me college would be difficult. Ha! #killinit.”

According to the comments on his eCommon screenshot, Eric’s grandmother, aunt, and mother were all “incredibly proud” of him and his “achievements.”

Between crew calls, NCAA Divison III sports, acting in student films, and complaining about the Dining Hall’s food, students left themselves with a minuscule amount of time to prepare for their final exams in some of the more strenuous classes Emerson offers, such as Listening to Music.

A quick poll done by Lion’s Tooth found a consensus among students of all ages that they are most thankful to God for the grades they studied for and earned.

Senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major Bridget Karros reportedly posted this comment along with her straight A’s: “Wow. I’m truly in awe. Even with all the time I set aside to study, and all the weekends I spent in the library working on projects instead of going out, I know I never would’ve gotten these grades had it not been for my faith in God. There’s no way I could’ve done this on my own. Feeling so thankful and blessed.”

At press time, students who, obviously, didn’t receive straight A’s were seen complaining on Facebook about everyone else posting their grades.

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