BREAKING: Sophomore Posts Snapchat Story Of Dog

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Editor’s Note: Despite the Lion’s Tooth team being on a summer hiatus, we had no choice but to come back to break this huge story to our readers.

By: Malcolm Kelner

BREAKING NEWS: An Emerson student has posted a video of his dog to his Snapchat story.

Multiple sources confirmed to the publication that rising sophomore Ryan Pelfrey submitted the 10-second video post earlier this morning, in which his yellow labrador retriever, Scooter, appears to roll around a carpeted area and then chase his tail. The caption banner on the lower half of the screen reportedly read, “Scooter chills the hardest.”

Pelfrey, a film major, also used ample warm lighting for the shot of the comedic canine and obeyed the rule of thirds to a tee. He wouldn’t attach his name to a video production with anything less.

The video is funny because during the school year he obviously couldn’t post anything of his dog because his dog was living back at his family’s house in LA. So it’s different than normal.

And while Pelfrey’s camp vehemently denies it, sources also tell us the sly student had the ulterior motive of appearing more sensitive to his female Snapchat friends by posting this and other similar videos and pictures during the past couple weeks.

In any case, a cute video of his dog has a much better chance at melting girls’ hearts than the usual ones he posted during the school year of the antics of his drunk and high friends.

At press time, Pelfrey had just posted a video to his story of himself driving.