A Tense Class Discussion Was Going On. What This Student Said Next Had Me In Tears…


By: Malcolm Kelner

Inspiring moments can happen at any time, and today, a truly incredible one happened right in Emerson’s own Walker Building.

In an Intercultural Communications class this afternoon, a tense discussion was being had about disconnects between different communities in America. The professor and students took turns discussing instances of recent and historical conflicts which led to rampant prejudice, mistreatment, and even death.

As a result, a gloomy atmosphere quickly overtook the class, and it didn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

That’s when sophomore Kelly McElrath spoke up, and what she said had me in tears.

“There’s been so much focus both in this class and in the media over our differences and everything that divides us,” the WLP major said.

“But at the end of the day, yeah we have some differences, but really, we’re all the same. We’re human.”


The class went completely silent, dumbstruck at the simple brilliance of McElrath’s profound comment.

Meanwhile, a tear rolled down the cheek of the professor, amazed at the concise yet perfect summary of her course a student was able to provide in just the second week of classes.

Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I cried a little bit too. And if you didn’t at least get choked up, you probably should go to the doctor and get your pulse checked!

Please like and share this article if McElrath’s words inspired you. They certainly did for me.

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