Student Sick Of Being Asked, “How’s Emory?”


By: Malcolm Kelner

Just a couple weeks into the school year, Emerson freshman LaShaun Graves is already sick of being asked by people from back home, “How’s Emory?”

“How are you liking Emory?” Graves reports having been asked over ten times thus far.

“And what’s Atlanta like? I’ve always wanted to visit the South. Emory’s such a great school too… they hardly accept anyone so that’s sweet you got in. What are you studying?”

At that point, Graves has let the person asking on that day that he actually goes to Emerson College, not Emory University, and that he understands how he or she could have confused the two names.

“Oh,” the person reportedly responds, usually with a noticeable sense of letdown. “I’ve never heard of Emerson. Where is that school?”

At press time, Graves was being asked if Emerson was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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