ELA Student’s Internship Search Ends With Offer From Pornographic Film Studio


By Charlie Greenwald

Despite the long, early-morning commute and the tedious tasks he is asked to do, senior film student Gregory Schaefer was said to be enjoying his internship at Unbuttoned Entertainment, a pornographic film company based out of Torrance, California.

“It’s a competitive internship market,” Schaefer said. “Luckily for me, something in production landed… but not where I expected.”

The work is consistent for Schaefer, who says he is “tirelessly helping out” on set. On a typical day, Schaefer assists the sound team with mixing, the lighting team with composition and focus, and occasionally does script coverage for hot specs such as Plumbing Problem and Pizza Delivery.

“I’m learning a lot about how these movies are made,” Schaefer mused. “It’s just like a regular film, but with complete nudity.”

Although his first day was only two days ago, the second-semester senior has already impressed everyone at the company with his work ethic and technical expertise.

“Gregory has been doing a terrific job here at Unbuttoned,” said Rocco Pincetti, a creative executive. “It’s always beneficial to have the perspective of a college student on set.”

Schaefer, a transfer from Boise State, initially came to Emerson with the aspiration to hone his craft and create low budget thriller films. He credits Emerson’s VMA program with challenging him to explore film genres outside his comfort zone.

“In this industry, you take work where you can get it,” Schaefer mused over a cup of coffee. “Everybody has got to start somewhere.”

When asked about what the Emerson Los Angeles internship faculty thinks of his internship, Schaefer deflected the conversation.

“If anyone from corporate asks, I am doing social media analysis for Jamba Juice in their Santa Monica office,” Schaeffer whispered.

At press time, Schaefer was last seen leaving for work on Cahuenga Boulevard, stuck in the middle of an insurmountable traffic jam.

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