This Freshman Went To All Three Days Of Boston Calling. Probably Feeling Pretty Bad About Yourself Now, Huh?


By: Malcolm Kelner

Take a look at this freshman. Take a good, hard look.

You know what he did? He went to all three days of the Boston Calling concert at City Hall this weekend.

You’re probably feeling pretty bad about your boring-ass life now, huh?

Some people went to one day of the concert, and fewer people went to two days.

Not him.

He went to all three days. He saw the hottest alternative and indie rock bands out there right now, and had an amazing time with thousands of other other young, affluent white people.

Too bad you missed out.

No, he didn’t pay for the days à la carte. What do you think he is, some kind of idiot?

He got a three day pass–a three day VIP pass to be exact–for $375. Worth it.

What did YOU do over the weekend? Worked? Went to some stupid bar or Emerson party?

Didn’t see any Boston Calling footage on YOUR My Story, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I saw it on his though.

You probably just want to crawl in a hole and disappear right now.

I get it. I really do. know I would too if I hadn’t been there every day myself.

Hey, we can’t all be him.

But at least, maybe for a minute, we can pretend.

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