Student Who Went To Castle Last Semester: “Coffee Shop, Huh? What Kind Of Coffee Shop?”


By: Malcolm Kelner

A student who did Emerson’s Kasteel Well program last semester made a provocative and golden joke today.

In a Political Reporting class, Professor John Landry was discussing the ethics of covering political candidates and accepting gifts from them. He talked about how to act, as a reporter, if a candidate invites him or her to a coffee shop.

That’s when junior Shelby Richardson chimed in. And it was good.

“A coffee shop, huh?” the journalism major quipped. “What kind of coffee shop are we talkin’ about? An Amsterdam coffee shop or a regular one?


Richardson, of course, was referring to the “coffee shops” in Amsterdam where they sell more than just coffee, if you catch our drift.

And as someone who was living abroad in the Netherlands, not to mention exploring the ins and outs of Europe for an entire semester, Richardson certainly knew all about that, if you get where we’re coming from.

At press time, Richardson was waiting at a red light on Boylston, shook her head with a chuckle and said, “I’m not sure if this means to stop or something completely different.”

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