Sophomore’s Facebook Photo Album Title For This Year Is Totally Boring

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 5.16.54 PM

By: Malcolm Kelner

An Emerson student has a totally boring title for her Facebook photo album from this school year.

Sophomore Jeni McPhail has been uploading pictures to her album entitled merely, “Sophomore Year,” for a month now, and our sources say students are starting to get fed up.

Now, they’re finally speaking out.

“‘Sophomore Year,’ really? That’s seriously the best you can do? Give us a joke or pun or something,” stated a frustrated acquaintance of McPhail’s, sophomore Mikey Dunning.

“Oh and she’s a WLP major and marketing minor too,” Dunning added. “Has she learned nothing at this school?”

Other students are taking their frustration of the album a step further.

No longer will they sit idly by while McPhail continues to flaunt her pathetically named album filled with pictures of her and her friends huddled together at the Boylston T stop before going out on a weekend, taking in a Red Sox game, relaxing by the Esplanade, or pregaming in the dorms.

“I’m going on a like boycott,” said freshman Sarah Hicks.

“Until Jeni wises up and changes it so something at least a little more creative, like, I don’t know, ‘Boston: Round 2,’ ‘Sophomore Slump,’ or ‘SophoMORE Good Times at Emerson,’ I’m not giving her a single like or comment on any pics in that album.”

“If she wanted to throw an emoji or something in the title I’d be cool with that too.”

At press time, students were annoyed when McPhail changed the album title to something way too long and not funny at all.

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