Student Informs Emerson Community That Columbus Didn’t Actually Discover America


By: Malcolm Kelner

An Emerson student has informed the campus community that Christopher Columbus did not actually discover America.

Jumping on the educational opportunity provided by Columbus Day, sophomore musical theater major Cole Sampson took to Facebook to let everyone know that contrary to popular belief, the Italian explorer was not the first to step foot on what is now North America, because the indigenous Native American people were here first.

“In 1492, Columbus stole your land from you,” Sampson declared in his status, putting his own creative spin on the traditional rhyme.

“Saying that asshole ‘discovered’ America is like saying I discovered donuts. Neither happened. He was a genocidal murderer who should be shunned in our history books, not celebrated.”

“#HappyIndigenousPeopleDay2015,” he concluded.

At press time, hundreds of Emerson students were thanking Sampson for being the only one to have the courage to finally expose Columbus as the fraud he really was.

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