Students Unsure How To React Passionately To Debate Without Trump Onstage


Though the first Democratic Debate has been long awaited, many Emerson students are finding themselves unsure how they are supposed to react passionately to the proceedings without Donald Trump being onstage.

“The first couple Republican debates were insane,” said freshman Communications Disorders major Stacey Collins.

“It was so infuriating to see Trump disparage [moderator] Megyn Kelly and defend his misogyny by saying he doesn’t have time for political correctness, and then in the second debate how he was saying all this idiotic stuff about vaccinations… my roommates and I were up all night talking about what a buffoon he is.”

From those late night pow-wows, to passionate classroom discussions and social media posts, the Emerson community was unquestionably set ablaze by Trump. So how are they gearing up to match that fervor for the Dem debate?

“Umm, I don’t know,” responded junior Theater Education major Reggie Thomas, when stopped on the street.

“Bernie [Sanders] is trying to make college free, but Hillary [Clinton] has a decent amount of experience. They’re both pretty suitable candidates I guess. Is there gonna be anyone else on stage or is it just those two?”

When asked about Republican front-runner Trump, however, his eyes got wide.

“I heard he’s going to be live tweeting the debate! That’s really going to be something. Can’t wait to see what ignorant crap he spews out this time.”

At press time, three quarters of the viewing party crowd in the Bill Bordy Theater were saying they “had to use the restroom” but were actually leaving halfway through the debate.

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