President Pelton Still Trapped In Snow Pile After Sunday’s Flurries

Lee Pelton Still Trapped In Untimely October Snow Flurry From 2 Days Ago

By: Charlie Greenwald

After what was clearly a devastating tempest, President Pelton was trapped under a pile of snow from Sunday’s shockingly early flurries.

“Help me,” he shouted meekly. “I have… to get back…”

Although winter officially begins on December 21st, the Boston area is no stranger to extreme snow. Last year, over 100 inches blanketed Massachusetts. That time, however, the first dusting wasn’t until November. Meteorologists are unsure what that means for this winter, but the forecast isn’t pretty.

“Snow on October 18 is tough to see,” said WBZ weatherman Del Hancock. “Let us have autumn for just a little more, god dammit!

As for Pelton, sources say he was slowly clawing his way out as the snow began to thaw.

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