Film Major Changes Profile Picture To Picture Of Taking A Picture

A young woman directing the crew on set.

By: Malcolm Kelner

An Emerson film major has changed her Facebook profile picture to a picture of herself taking a picture.

This afternoon, sophomore aspiring documentary maker Angela Mathis posted the photo of herself staging a candid moment on a film set, and she has already garnered an impressive 78 likes in less than two hours.

With the change, Mathis smartly tapped into the unwritten rule of Emerson students being required to hand out likes for any type of post that’s professional or career-oriented, whether it be a profile picture, reel, or status announcing a new internship or job.

“Now that Angela has a profile picture holding a camera, she is officially a member of the Emerson College film program,” said film professor Elsa Thielen.

“How would everyone else know how dedicated she is to her craft if her profile picture wasn’t career-related? Clearly, she’s the real deal.”

At press time, Mathis had just changed her profile picture again.

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