Comic Genius Makes Quip About Republican Candidates In Debate Being Stoned


By: Malcolm Kelner

A comic genius at Emerson has made a hilarious quip about the Republican candidates in tonight’s debate being stoned.

Minutes into the debate, sophomore Film major and Comedy minor Charlie O’Hare posted a Facebook status, reading, “For those wondering, the republicans on stage aren’t blazed… they actually mean the shit they’re saying.”

O’Hare’s hysterical joke was a dual reference to both the fact that tonight’s debate is being held in Colorado, a place where marijuana is legal, and also an allusion to the tendency of many Republican candidates, such as Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee, to make inane statements to try to appeal to the far right.

By combining the two factors, it added up for the perfect joke, and shows the student has been putting his comedic education at Emerson to good use.

At press time, O’Hare had just made a new status, reading, “Yooooooo Carson is totally slurring right now. You can’t tell me he didn’t cop some edibles on the way in.”

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