Freshman Friend Group Accidentally Takes Bus To Salem, New Jersey For Halloween Weekend


In what was clearly a rookie move, Emerson friend group Sammy Chavez, Clark Erickson, and Erica Crawford mistakenly got on the wrong bus, intending to go to Salem, Massachusetts but ending up in Salem, New Jersey.

“Happy Halloween? More like crappy Halloween,” said Chavez, dumbfounded and desolate. “I’m sorry guys, I don’t know what happened.”

Sources say Chavez, the group trip organizer, erroneously booked three bus tickets to Philadelphia, which included a stop in Salem, New Jersey. Chavez most likely thought that this Salem was the famous Salem, where the Witch Trials of 1962 occurred and where costume parades weave through a lively downtown scene festooned with ghoulish decorations. Instead, Chavez and his buddies landed in New Jersey’s Salem, famous for its family-run wineries and close proximity to the great state of Delaware.

“This was an oversight on my part,” Chavez continued, in shambles. “What is it, the commuter rail I needed? Oh, man.”

Crawford, the peppy one in the group, tried convincing both Chavez and Erickson, the cynical one in the friend group, that Salem, New Jersey is a town rich in history and could still be fun to explore.

“We were thinking we might have some soup at the diner, trick or treat for a bit in an elderly neighborhood, maybe find a nearby park to sit down and read,” Crawford mused, masking a wounded soul. “I think there’s a fundraising event at the local YMCA we can try to volunteer at.”

At press time, the three students were seen looking for cell service somewhere in an abandoned building.

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