“I Think I Deserved A 100,” Complains Marketing Student Well-Prepared For Real Life


By: Malcolm Kelner

In an Understanding Consumers class this morning, Professor David Quintana was passing back grades for recent midterm projects, and offered the chance for students to discuss their grades with him after class.

Junior marketing major Kate Butera, who is very well-prepared for real life, was reportedly infuriated over the grade of 90 she received on her subculture immersion project on hipsters.

Naturally, she took Quintana up on his offer, approaching him immediately after he dismissed class, and cut right to the chase with nearly the entire class still present and within earshot.

“I think my grade is completely unfair,” proclaimed the daughter of parents paying over $50,000 for her to receive a practical education from instructors tasked with preparing her for life after graduation and not sugarcoating.

“I did a ton of research for my essay and it was very well written,” continued the well-adjusted student who is ready to get much harsher feedback on projects that actually matter for something from a real life boss in the same field less than two years from now.

“Plus, you seemed very pleased with my presentation so I don’t get why I got an A-. I think I deserved a 100,” the future marketing savant concluded, with her arms folded and a confident smirk.

At press time, Butera was storming out of the room after Quintana was only willing to negotiate her grade up to a 93.

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