We Rank Them: The Top 5 Bathrooms At Emerson College


By: Austin Wilder

Emerson students have a vast variety of bathrooms to choose from. But what are the best ones? We sent a team of Lion’s Tooth reporters out on assignment to compile a list of every single bathroom on campus–both the high traffic mainstream ones, and the lesser known, indie facilities. Then we ranked the top five. Our list is below.


Lee Pelton’s Palace


Located on the Boston Common, overlooking the city from the 14th floor of the Ansin Building, we find Pelton’s Palace. Don’t ask us how we got this, just trust us.

5) Any LB Gender-Neutral Bathroom


These veteran bathrooms get the nod for their nostalgic value. We all have some connection to it. Photoshoots, BM’s, fits of vomiting, or maybe even your first smooch. Do not tell us what you did in there, because we do not want to know.

4) Piano Row 2nd Floor


Whether you are waiting for your food or on your way to a meeting with the Dean of Students, this bathroom has it all. Steps away from one of the most hip hangout spots on campus, the Campus Center Quiet Lounge, this facility is equipped with motion-sensing sinks, Emerson-themed yellow and gray tile walls, and it is just around the corner from the The Max Cafe, Emerson’s premiere overpriced dining experience.

3) LB 2nd Floor


You won’t find any motion-sensing sinks here, but you will find yourself making awkward small talk with workers from the DH. Another common occurrence is hearing one of them on the phone in the stall next to you, which is always fun. Just try to remember not to respond when they say, “Hello?” They’re not talking to you.

2) Piano Row 1st Floor


Lock that door, throw your stuff down, and relax, because you ain’t getting bothered in here. With a totally private room with no awkward stall cracks just wide enough to make eye contact, no one ever has to know you’re here, so take your sweet time that you deserve. When the door has been locked so long that the BPD comes in to see if there’s a dead body inside, then it’s probably time to bounce. But not before that.

1) Ansin 1st Floor


Renovated this past summer, this is Emerson’s newest and freshest single bathroom. The charcoal tiling and motion-sensing sink provide a modern, sleek feel. While one still needs to rely on paper towels to dry his or her hands, our sources tell us a mini hand towel and discard bin are in the works starting next semester. While the bathroom is the talk of the town at the moment, reports say thrill-seekers are already “over it.”

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3 thoughts on “We Rank Them: The Top 5 Bathrooms At Emerson College

  1. Piano Row second floor is too high on the list. The motion sensor on the toilet in the stall closest to the door is super sensitive, and will flush when you try to wipe. Not fun.


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