Emerson Reacts To Women’s Soccer Team’s ECAC Title


After trailing in the first half against University of New England in the finals, Emerson tied it up with two goals and won with penalty kicks, leading to an unlikely ECAC championship–the first for any sport in school history.

Let’s see what Emerson thinks…



“Does this mean another one of those parades is happening on Boylston Street?”

-Donny Williams, Marketing Major





“You gotta hand it to them. Despite being lower-seeded and clearly outmatched in the finals, they rode into the playoffs playing their best soccer of the year. Superb goaltending is key in these kind of match-ups. But I think the real MVP of this team is the defense not allowing a single goal in the second half, especially considering the legendary strength of 4th ranked UNE’s midfield. It would have been easy to lose energy and focus after falling to a 2-0 deficit, but they made sure the Lions won the time of possession battle, which eventually produced the two goals they needed, and then their clutch PK group was able to take over. Hats off to them.”

-Josh Dawson, Theatre Major

“Wait, we have sports here?”

-Carrie Ellison, Stage & Production Design Major

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