Marketing Major Trying To Bond With Father Over Thanksgiving Football Commercials

By: Christopher “CJ” Maiorino

Marketing major Tim Harkins has never been interested in football, or any sports for that matter.

But he knew that it is his father’s favorite pastime, so today on Thanksgiving, he is hoping to impress him with his knowledge in commercial advertising.

“Did you know ESPN’s logo is a bright red because it’s the color that provokes the most response in humans?” Harkins confidently announced after watching a commercial for the Broncos vs. Patriots game.

“Is that what they teach you for $60,000 dollars a year?” Harkin’s father sarcastically grunted back.

“They play the commercials during Thanksgiving because they know the whole family is sitting down together in front of the TV. It creates an association between family and football, which companies hope will translate into sales,” Tim added.

“We get it,” his father responded much louder this time. “Just shut up and watch the game.”

At press time, Tim and his father were both fucking annoyed by the constant commercials for FanDuel and Cialis.

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