Hilarious Fake Facebook Events Dominating Newsfeeds Everywhere

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.19.01 AM.png

By: Malcolm Kelner

Beginning over the weekend and continuing into today, a plethora of hilarious fake Facebook events are dominating the newsfeeds of Emerson students everywhere.

With truly comical event names, often based in existentialism and sad in nature, such as, “realizing that love is just an institution built on human frailty” and “thinking you lost all hope but then losing that last additional bit of hope you didn’t even know you had,” Emerson students have been endlessly entertained.

Probably the greatest part of the whole thing is how these events aren’t even real. They have no set location or plan, and were merely flippant creations made in seconds with the sole purpose of going viral and mocking real events in which people actually gather. So it’s funny!

Not wanting to be left without their creative fingerprints all over this nationwide phenomenon, Emerson students are not merely “attending” or “interested in” these events. They’re also creating them, and supporting each other’s side-splitting creations en masse.

For example, many students are getting ready to attend the faux event, “everybody hysterically scream about the future in unison,” taking place on New Year’s Day. It’s a pretty funny idea, but it’s a shame that it’s being held over winter break, because if it was during class time, can you even imagine how crazy it would be?

All the professors would be like, “Ummm, what’s going on?” The looks on their faces would be priceless.

This is good stuff, you guys. Keep it up.

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