No One Is Noticing Kevin Bright’s Plea For Help In ELA Acceptance Email

By: Malcolm Kelner

All day on Monday, rising Emerson juniors and seniors have been excitedly posting screenshots of their acceptance emails for the Emerson Los Angeles program for next year.

However, while everyone has been busy congratulating the accepted students, no one has seemed to notice the hidden plea for help from ELA Founding Director and former “Friends” producer Kevin Bright.

Embedded among bullet points, seemingly very out of place from the rest of the informational email, reads, “I am so done directing this failed program. HELP ME!”

In October, Emerson announced it was extending Bright’s near-expired contract for an extra year and vaguely “quoted” Bright as saying he “needed a little bit more time to accomplish things.”

Now, based on this e-mail, it appears that Bright may have never actually said that, and is perhaps being forced to stay on as the program director against his will.

Regardless, the hidden message is very strange and disconcerting, and the whole Lion’s Tooth staff hopes he is okay.

At press time, a haggard looking Bright was seen sprinting down Sunset Boulevard away from the ELA campus.

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