Pros And Cons To Doing Emerson Los Angeles Program



With students rejoicing over their impressive (and automatic, given a 2.7+ GPA) acceptances into the Emerson LA program, Lion’s Tooth has compiled lists for and against spending a semester on Sunset Boulevard to help you make your decision.


  • ECLA has impressive 13:1 student to professor ratio
  • Affords opportunity for students to bitch about other weather conditions
  • Guaranteed 36 likes on Facebook
  • Supporting smaller business
  • Porn industry
  • Chance to find out if Kevin Bright is OK
  • Great chance for 20-year-old to turn over a new leaf for the 9th time in his or her adult life.


  • Boston Campus still sporting 1400:1 Student to Lee Pelton Parody Twitter Account ratio
  • Lee Pelton is almost always in Boston, not LA
  • You’re going to miss out on being there for Men’s Volleyball’s home opener vs. Lesley
  • Also going to miss Colo’s 6th floor pajama party
  • Unsure if it actually exists-only seen pictures on website (Also, why is their website way cooler than normal Emerson’s??)
  • Boston is the educational capital of the world which I guess doesn’t mean shit because you go to a liberal arts school

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