“She’s Used To Working The Pole,” Jokes Hilarious Actor About Boom Pole Operator

By: Malcolm Kelner

Sophomore Acting major Chester Julianson is widely known as one of Emerson’s hottest young rising film stars, and today, he showed he has the comedic chops to match.

While on set in an Allston apartment this morning for senior Mariah Cruz’s BFA short film, “Serenity,” Cruz instructed the boom microphone operator, freshman Cara LaPorta, to take the pole and hold it in a different spot to better capture sound.

That’s when Julianson, who was playing the lead role, chimed in, and it was a total riot.

“She’ll be able to figure it out just fine,” the dreamy future A-lister quipped about the young woman he met a half hour ago. “She’s used to working the pole.”

The entire set immediately burst into a collective fit of laughter, totally beside themselves over Julianson’s hilarious, original, yet totally respectful and not sexist at all joke.

“That was good,” junior PA Will Schnettler said with a big smile, as he extended his arm to Julianson for a fist bump.

“Hey, just stating the facts!” the young heartthrob responded, with a tasteful wink at LaPorta.

At press time, Cruz said “Action!” to begin the scene, to which Julianson broke character to say, “Action, huh? I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve gotten some action.”

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