Innovative Marketing Student Group Makes Google Doc Instead Of Meeting In Person

By: Malcolm Kelner

Emerson’s Marketing students are always on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and there was no better example of that than what transpired in a “Brands, Organizations, and Strategies” class today.

Faced with the task of creating a PowerPoint presentation analyzing Nike’s brand for the class final project, the group of five students randomly assigned to work together met after class to discuss their game plan.

As the group members began suggesting times to get together and meet, they quickly realized it would be tough to find a time that worked for everyone, given the packed schedules they all had as typical Emerson students.

That’s when the light bulb went off in junior Marketing major Lea Ramirez’s head, and her idea was nothing short of brilliant.

“Wait, so we’re all really busy with extra-curriculars and internships and stuff,” Ramirez expertly calculated, “and three of us live off campus on the Green Line, and we all know how [crappy] the Green Line is… so why don’t we just do a Google Doc to plan the presentation instead of meeting in person? That way we can work on it no matter where we are and at whatever time.”

“Stop, I was just gonna suggest that too!” sophomore Journalism major and Marketing minor Geoff Appleby chimed in.

“Alright perfect, it’s a plan then,” Ramirez responded. “I’ll start the Doc and then e-mail you guys the link to it. Sound good?”

15 years ago, a plan like this would have been impossible. But advancements in Internet capabilities have made it a reality now, and sure enough, Ramirez smartly took advantage, and her entire group was able to reap the benefits.

At press time, Ramirez was relieved her idea worked so she wouldn’t have to spend time in an awkward meeting with four “totally weird” students she didn’t know.


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