Ye Olde Castle Students Return From Semester Out Yonder


By Charlie Greenwald

Returning via horseback and cloaked in battle-worn clothing, the Emerson Kasteel Well students came back into the U.S.A. today after a semester in the Netherlands.

“‘Twas a long flight indeed,” said WLP student Sam Broadstew. “Hark, the soothsayer said the journey would be toilsome, but alas, we are homeward bound.”

An incredibly popular study abroad program, Emerson’s 14th Century castle in the middle of the lush European countryside attracts several hundred students a year. The sophomores and juniors returning home today seemed thrilled with their journeys, which included trips to Morocco, Croatia, and Greece, just to name a few.

“Though I should be home on the morrow, I cannot help but mourn the brutal tyrant that is time, that which has stolen away the ineffable place from whence we came,” said junior Kallie Leopardi, swashbuckling as she stepped out of the airport terminal. “O! Cruelty, thy name is winter break.”

At press time, a feverish rush of students greeted the Castle students at the gate, plowing their way through parents and relatives to get hugs first.

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