9 Questions Every Emerson Student Is Tired Of Being Asked

1. I Made You a Bracelet That Says Emerson… Will You Eat It?



2. When You Ride the Green Line Train is it True You Have to Sit on Conductor’s Lap?



3. Was it You Who Stole All Those Mini Pencils From the Iwasaki Library Reference Desk? I Was Reading About it Online.



4. Are You Tired of Having to Wear a Fancy Hat Every Time You Go to the Dining Hall?



5. Do You Know Roberta? She Graduated From Emerson a Few Years Back and She Owes Me Money.



6. How About Those Sports, Huh?



7. Can You Sneak Me Into the LB Lobby So I Can Gaze At That Photo of Vin Di Bona For Several Hours of Uninterrupted Viewing Pleasure?



8. Is it Hard For You To See Me Right Now Through All Those Scarves You’re Wearing?



9. How Many Times in a Row Can You Quickly Yell Emerson Before it Just Sounds Like You’re Chanting “Mamma-Say-Mama-Sah-Ma-Ma-Coo-Sa” From Michael Jackson’s Classic 1982 Pop Hit “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”?


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