We Put A Film Major And A WLP Major Together In The Beard Room. What Happened Next Will Shock You.

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By: Malcolm Kelner

Emerson College may have a focus on communication and the arts, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of differences between some of its majors, and naturally, the students involved in them.

For example, Film majors and Writing, Literature, and Publishing majors embody some of those big differences. The former group of students find true meaning on the big screen, while the latter values the written word above all.

So you’re probably wondering, what would happen if we took a Film major and a WLP major and put them together in the Beard Room?

But wonder no longer, because that’s exactly what we did. And what happened next will shock you.

Although the students were initially very reserved with each other, within minutes, they both became very animated, and displayed incredible unity.

“What is this even for? You didn’t agree to this either, did you?” the WLP major asked.

“Let us out of here!” the Film major shouted.


Soon, both students were desperately pounding on the doors of the Beard Room, which we locked. They did not have their cell phones to make outside contacts, because we confiscated them before putting the students inside, for the good of the experiment.

Eventually, Little Building RA’s working the desk on the second floor heard the commotion, and promptly called ECPD to let the students out of the Beard Room.

From what we hear, they are both very angry with us, and are trying to find us as we speak.

We can definitely all learn a lesson from this. No matter how different other people may seem from us, we should at least give them a chance. They may have more in common with us than we thought. Yeah, even students in other majors!

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