Need An Easy Gen-Ed? Here Are Our Top Recommendations

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Every Emerson student knows the struggle. You’ve got the classes for your major figured out, but you just need those one or two pesky gen-ed classes to fill out your schedule and help complete your liberal arts education. If you’re like us, you want the easiest possible gen-eds, but ones that wouldn’t be a total bore either. We’ve got you covered with the best ones for second semester.

Aesthetic Perspective: Contemporary Weed and Other Drug Paraphernalia Design, When and When Not to Say “Current Aesthetic”

Ethics & Values Perspective: Designer Babies: Moral or Crucial?, The Morality of Youth in Asia

Historical Perspective: Tupac, Princess Diana, and How to Fake Your Own Death, The History of Edgar Allan Poe Statues

Interdisciplinary Perspective: The Rise, Fall, and Kind Of Rise Again of Prince, Marketing Jello In The Digital Age

Literary Perspective: Preternatural Homoerotic Poetry or Logical Fallacy?, Roller Coasters and the Search for Identity

Scientific Perspective: Ecology, Ophthalmology, and Ali G, Interplanetory Exploration & Human Sexuality

Social & Psychological Perspective: The Stanford Prison Experiment and Modern Romance, Intro to PSY

Global Diversity Perspective: Bollywood vs. Hollywood: Which is More Fun to Say?, Interhorticultural Communication

U.S. Diversity Perspective: Family Guy and the Male Gaze, History of Jazz Hands

Comedic Arts (BFA): Performing Improv Comedy, Evolution of Comedy I, Evolution of Comedy II, Modes of Comedy Production, Performing Sketch Comedy, Comedy Writers Room, Capstone in Comedy Writing, Performance, or Production

           Share and post which classes you plan on taking!

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