Freshman Deletes All Social Media Pictures With Ex-Boyfriend After Breakup


By: Malcolm Kelner

An Emerson freshman has deleted all her pictures on social media with her ex-boyfriend after breaking up with him this winter break.

As soon as Marketing major Sophia Whitely completed her text conversation confirming the breakup with ex-boyfriend, Film major Sean Sans-Serif, sources say she immediately swung open her laptop screen and went to town, deleting all her Facebook profile pictures and mobile uploads with Sans-Serif, un-tagging herself from pictures of the two that others had posted, and deleting all Instagram posts, tweets, and Tumblr posts that mentioned the “total asshole.”

After over an hour had been spent thoroughly scrubbing every corner of the internet that provided any shred of evidence of the two students ever dating, the tech-savvy young woman smartly remembered to unfriend him, delete his phone number, and block him on Snapchat as well.

“It’s like I never even met him at all,” Whiteley giddily said, dusting off her hands and closing her laptop with glee.

At press time, Whitely fired off a blatant subtweet, writing, “2016 resolution: remove toxic people from my life… ✓”

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