Junior Kicked Out Of Friend Group For Not Appreciating Hamilton Soundtrack


By: Charlie Greenwald

An Emerson junior has been dumped by her friends for not appreciating brilliance.

Karina Potter, one of three members of the “Treehouse Trio” – also consisting of Alicia Baker-Reynolds and Sam Phillips – was voted out of her friend group after inadvertently admitting that she “couldn’t get into” the Hamilton soundtrack.

“I don’t even know who she is anymore,” Phillips said, clearly livid. “For her to not appreciate Lin Manuel Miranda’s impossibly cool, uniquely fresh, historically perfect retelling of our nation’s history is unacceptable. She is no longer in our friend group.”

The operatic hip-hop musical Potter inexcusably dismissed chronicles the life of Founding Father and economic pioneer Alexander Hamilton. It opened this summer to rave reviews and has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Tickets are incredibly hard to get and the lowest price for shows within the next six months is around $500. The soundtrack, which functions immaculately as an audio story in its own right, has shot to the top of the charts. Potter, who listened to the soundtrack over break but reportedly said “meh” after first listen, was then told to buzz off for the rest of eternity.

“We’re over her,” said Baker-Reynolds, a theatre geek and evidently not a complete moron. “She can find another group of friends, people who like Gigi or whatever.”

At press time, Phillips and Baker-Reynolds were reportedly weeping openly in Times Square after the website for the Hamilton ticket lottery crashed due to insanely high demand.

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